MarBorg Industries is a leader in the community and has made the process of waste collection and diversion simple, streamlined, and environmentally beneficial.  Through their well-established programs and services, MarBorg Industries is able to focus on increasing efficiency and reducing harmful impacts on the environment. Their proven ability to promote change begins at the heart of their organization and is evident in improvements made to their corporate headquarters, equipment, and services.  

In 2006, MarBorg Industries invested in and installed a 30kw photovoltaic system on the roofs of their corporate facilities, creating one of the largest solar installations on the South Coast.  Through this installation MarBorg Industries generates 13% of their daily energy consumption, which is enough energy to power 40 homes on a sunny day.

For the past ten years MarBorg has replaced their older diesel engines with newer and cleaner models.  In advance of state requirements to reduce diesel exhaust, MarBorg upgraded more than sixty vehicles with state-verified best available control technology that cuts diesel smoke by up to 90%.  Another major step that MarBorg Industries has taken towards reduced emissions and sustainability is its updating of the collection fleet with near zero emission Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) trash trucks in Santa Barbara County. MarBorg was the first hauler on the South Coast to use CNG collection vehicles, and has continued to steadily add CNG vehicles to the fleet.  Each CNG engine eliminates emissions of diesel particulate matter and cuts oxides of nitrogen (N0x) emissions by more than 90% compared to a five-year old diesel engine.  Since CNG vehicles reduce climate change emissions by at least 23% compared to diesel vehicles, MarBorg is delivering early action to reduce carbon dioxide in its daily operations. In September of 2010, MarBorg completed construction of a new CNG refueling station to support the CNG fleet.  This fuel station has the capacity to fill 30 CNG vehicles overnight.  To ensure a comprehensive fleet of sustainable collection vehicles, MarBorg Industries is using Bio-Diesel fuel (B5) in all of its existing diesel vehicles. Through modernization of older equipment, integration of CNG vehicles, and utilization of cleaner burning fuels MarBorg Industries has proven to be an environmental leader in Santa Barbara County. 

To augment such significant contributions toward a better environment, MarBorg Industries has become a certified Green Business through the County of Santa Barbara ( and is actively engaged in Energy Star and the LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance program.  Participation in these programs has resulted in the development and implementation of key sustainable operations policies including a green cleaning policy, integrated pest management policy, and a purchasing policy.  MarBorg’s headquarters facility has documented indoor water use savings of 23% and is among the top 34% of buildings of similar type and usage in the country with regard to efficient energy use resulting in an Energy Star score of 82 out of 100.  Their continued commitment toward the community by reducing their dependency on non-renewable resources and reaching above and beyond allows them to lead by example to other organizations in Santa Barbara County.
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Click here to view MarBorg's 2012 Sustainability Report.
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