In 1999, MarBorg Industries purchased Lee and Neal, a company that has provided septic system inspections, maintenance, and additives since 1918.  Our dependable equipment and qualified staff ensure that MarBorg delivers the best possible septic tank service to all of our customers, including 24 hour emergency service. 

Septic system maintenance involves two simple methods. First, the sludge that accumulates in the bottom of the tank must be pumped out periodically. Frequency depends on the size of the tank, usage, and the condition of the system. We recommend servicing a tank every two years on average. If sludge is allowed to build up in a septic tank, the tank may eventually overflow into your absorption area. This will clog the system and emergency service will be required. In many cases, lack of service creates a need for the costly replacement of your drainage system. The second aspect of septic system maintenance involves the bacterial product.  We recommend adding a quality bacterial product once a month to promote the health of your system. These products are available through Lee and Neal.

Septic System Details

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