Please ensure that all recyclables are free of food and any liquids. The following materials are accepted in the residential commingled recycling program:

Junk Mail, All Books
Rinsed out milk cartons & ice cream containers
Receipts (Carbonless OK)
Shredded Paper & Paper Bags
Newspaper, Magazines & Catalogs
Cardboard & All Boxes (Flattened)
Office Paper & Envelopes (All Colors)
Molded Pulp Egg Cartons & Packaging
Aseptic Containers (milk cartons, juice boxes, etc)
Milk Cartons & Tetra-Pak containers (click here for additional information)
Paper Towels
All Metal Items (paint & rust ok)
Steel, Stainless Steel & Aluminum
Copper, Lead & Brass
Mostly Metal Items with Some Plastic
Aluminum Foil & Pie Pans
Pots, Pans & Utensils
Car Parts, Pipes & Tools
Empty Paint & Aerosol Cans
Aluminum, Tin and Steel Cans
Oil Filters
#1 - 7 Containers
Plastic Cups, Lids & Utensils
Buckets, Household Items & Toys
All Solid Plastic Items (Metal Screws OK)
Nursery Flats & Pots
Pipe & Irrigation Hose
Plastic Bags

Bottles and Jars

Window Glass
Drinking Glasses

Click here for information on MarBorg and municipal recycling facilities.

For curbside pick-up service, please place wheeled carts to the curb no later than 6:00am on collection day.
(805) 963-1852
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