MarBorg Industries owns and operates a revolutionary Construction and Demolition (C&D) Recycling and Transfer Facility located in the heart of Santa Barbara.  This facility opened its doors in 2005 and is permitted to process 1,250 tons (2,500,000 lbs) of material per day.  In 2009, MarBorg processed 200,000 tons of material through the facility, This C&D facility, which occupies over 100,000 square feet, is open to the public as well as commercial haulers.  Material that enters the facility is sorted by a combination of excavators to remove large material, shakers to remove small debris, and an elevated sort line to separate the remaining types of material.  Both greenwaste and wood are recycled onsite and converted to mulch and woodchips, using an electric grinder that is capable of processing 100 tons of material per hour.  A variety of features are built in to the facility for the benefit of the environment and the surrounding area, such as ceiling misters that control dust and clear the air, a steel-plate and fiberglass housing around the grinder to minimize noise, and a tire wash to clean the tires of vehicles exciting the facility.  Tours are available for large or small groups of all ages, and are available M-F, 9am-4pm, by appointment only. Safety is a primary concern at MarBorg Industries, and tours of the facility are conducted from the safety of an observation platform that overlooks the tipping floor. The following materials are accepted at this facility:

FREE Drop Off Items:

Metal: Appliances, Cars (gas tank removed and junk slip needed), pipes, etc.

Cardboard, Bathtubs

Mattresses (excluding futon, crib, and couch mattresses)

CHARGEABLE Drop Off Items:  (Rates effective July 1, 2017)

General Construction Debris: $95 per ton
Clean Dirt (No organic material, rocks or rubble): $25 per ton
Clean Concrete (No wire mesh, rebar, dirt or wood roots): $22 per ton
Concrete Washouts $40 per washout
Rubble (plaster, stucco, bricks, concrete with rebar, etc...): $40 per ton
Wood and Greenwaste: $45 per ton
Tree Stumps and logs over 18" diameter $95 per ton
Refrigerators, freezers, A/C Units (free if Freon has been removed): $10 each
Porcelain Bathrooms Fixtures (toilets,, sinks) $10 each
Palms & Succulents (palm fronds, agave, banana plants, yucca, etc...) $99 per ton
Low Content (less than 50% recovery by weight, i.e. sofas, mattresses, furniture, carpet) $105 per ton
Motor Homes (has tank removed and junk slip needed) $95 per ton
Tires (price based on diameter of tire)
- Small (up to 30"): $2 each
- Medium (31" to 40"): $5 each
- Large (41" to 60" $75 each
- Extra Large (over 60"): $100 each
Minimum on All Weighted Loads: $30


No Hazardous Waste, Treated Wood
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