MarBorg offers commercial collection services and equipment with cans, carts, or bins. Cans are available in 32-gallons for backyard service. Carts are available in 35, 65, and 95-gallon sizes.  Bins are available in 1.5, 2, 3, and 4-cubic yards. Roll-offs and compactors are available for large-volume trash producers. We will customize your level of service, including your container sizes and number of weekly pickups, to uniquely suite your company’s needs. Service will be provided 1-6 days per week, on a schedule that works for your business.

On your scheduled service day, please ensure that any enclosures are unlocked and that full access is available for our drivers. In some cases, this means that you will need to push your bin out to an accessible location. Please call the office for details regarding your specific location

We also provide bar and lock mechanisms for our bins to prevent unauthorized use of your container. Please request this feature when you order your bin (see sizes below)

All containers are color-coded based on the type of material allowed in the bin.  Beige containers are for trash, green containers are for greenwaste, and blue containers are for recycling.  What can I put in each container? Click here to learn more.

Businesses located in the City of Santa Barbara are also eligible to participate in the new Foodscraps Recycling Program. Please click here to visit Santa Barbara’s foodscraps website, call the City of Santa Barbara Environmental Services Division at (805) 564-5631, or call MarBorg at (805) 963-1852 for more details.

Our rates vary based on the jurisdiction and the level of service requested. Contact us with any questions through the “Question / Comment” link below, or click the "Rates" button to view the rates in your area.
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